ADD/ADHD – Part 2

//ADD/ADHD – Part 2

ADD/ADHD – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the power of food to help minimize the symptoms
of ADD/ADHD. And, now, I want to give you the recommended
supplementation for this all too common diagnosis.

According to Dr. Axe (Food is Medicine), these are the most effective
supplements for ADD/ADHD.

1. Omega 3 Fish Oils benefit those with ADHD, as the EPA/DHA in fish oil are essential for brain function and are anti-inflammatory. Supplementation can reduce symptoms and improve learning.

2.  B-Complex, especially B6, helps children with ADHD by forming serotonin (neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and social behaviour),

3. Multi-Mineral Supplement (including zinc, magnesium and calcium)
These minerals are effective in relaxing the nervous system. Deficiency of these minerals may exacerbate symptoms.

4. Probiotics aid in good digestion, which is needed as digestive issues have been found to affect ADHD symptoms.

5. GABA is a calming amino acid. Be sure to check with your MD or pharmacist before taking, as it can interact with other medications.

6. Rhodiola Rosea can improve the focus of both adults and children. It increases the sensitivity in the neurological and nervous system that produce serotonin and dopamine, which are both needed for effective control of ADHD symptoms.

As with all supplementation, we are all different, so dosages can vary according to each person’s individual needs. My advise is to consult with a Nutritionist or Naturopathic Doctor in order to experience the most benefit from these recommended supplements.

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